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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it cost anything?

Varsity Living is 100% free. We do not ask for any subscription fee or take a commission on sales.


How will the buying & selling actually work?

On the ‘Shop Page’ you can browse through all the student adverts or search for something specifically.

If you see something you like, send the seller a message (their contact number will be listed), by arrange to meet, and seal the deal!

For selling: list your item/service with the necessary description, pricing and any extra information you deem to be necessary (maybe even some photos.)

It is as simple as that and all that if left for you (as the seller) to do is sit back and wait for your potential buyers to message you.


How do I get started?

Register at the top of this page and all that is required from you is your email, some basic information (your current university and email address)

Then VL  will send you a confirmation email and after that, you’re free to shop and chat!


Where will my ad be distributed?

Your ad will be shown to all students in the country. This means if a student from another university happens to be in the same city as you, they can still view and chat to you about your listings.


How long will my ad remain online?

Your ad will remain active for as long as you wish, and you can remove it at any point from your account page.


How do I delete my add?

To delete your add:

  1. Go to profile
  2. Select topics started
  3. Click on the one you want to delete
  4. Click trash


What do I do if someone being abusive?

Varsity Living takes online abuse very seriously. You can click spam on their post to bring our attention to it.  Varsity Living also keeps an eye on posts to try and identify these people.  But if we miss something please fill in a form here to report this user.


How do I use the student Hub?

Student Hub is there for you to ask your fellow students everything and anything. It is a place to facility the exchange of info and  create dialogue between students


How Do I Post an advert?

Go to the student market place. Put you add in the correct category and upload some pictures. Don’t forget to leave your number to be contacted on. Add tags to make finding your advert easier.


Who can access my profile?

VL is a closed student network. Only students can see your profile.


Can I follow trending movements of particular users?

Yes to follow a post click on the subscribe to receive notification when someone adds to the feed. By  using favorite posts it makes it easier to find them again on your profile .


Can I ask anonymously?

We recommend not doing this due to lack of accountability. We would rather recommend choosing a username which isn’t your real name.


Does my username have to be my real name?

No – be as creative as you like with your username. As long as your first name and surname is real that is fine.


Can abusive users be blocked?

In order to get a user blocked please report them here. Varsity Living will block them and delete them off the site if there is evidence to suggest they should be blocked.

Please note: Varsity Living is an independant website and does not represent the views any of the Universities listed