De Coding the UCT Language

De Coding the UCT Language

  • Varsity Living
    Varsity Living


    Big Bash: The beginning-of-year orientation party that’s associated with RAG

    Caf: Where you can go for a cup of coffee. Arrange to meet your peeps in the caf in the Steve Biko Students’ Union building..

    DP: Indicates a duly performed course, which means you’re allowed to write your exam

    DPR: Duly performed refused, which means you’ve been spending too much time hanging out in the caf

    Early assessment A formal academic check to see how you’re doing in your rst few months

    First lecture:Where you will find yourself at 08:00 on Monday mornings if you’re a fresherHot seat Weekly appointment with a tutor to discuss your progress

    Hot seat: Weekly appointment with a tutor to discuss your progress

    Jammie Shuttle: The blue bus that gets you around campus and town

    Jammie Thursday: When cool things happen on Jammie plaza during Meridian

    Jammie plaza: The open area below Jammie Hall where lots of events happen

    Lectures: They last 45 minutes, with 15 minutes in- between to get to your next class

    Meridian Lunch break – from 13:00 to 14:00 during the week

    Pass mark: Anything above 50%

    Practicals: Where you put into practice what you’ve learnt in theory. These sessions, which often happen in laboratories, can be up to three hours long.

    RaG Stands for “remember and give”. The fundraising arm of

    Res Residence – your home away from home

    SaX appeal: The RAG magazine that you’ll be asked to sell at trafic lights while dressed in funny clothes

    SHaWCo: Students Health and Welfare Centres Organisation – UCT’s socially responsive student-run organisation that offers community outreach opportunities

    SRC: Students’ Representative Council, the highest decision-making structure of student governance

    tuts: Tutorials are small groups that meet to discuss material covered in lectures. These are compulsory if you want to get your DP.

    tutor: The person who is in charge of the tut and who is there to help you get to grips with the subject matter

    Vula: UCT’s official online learning system. You’ll nd everything you need to know about your course here.

    Year mark: An evaluation of your performance throughout the year. Along with your exam results, this contributes to your final mark.

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