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Student Kitchen Essentials

  • Varsity_Living

    Here are some essentials that most people need at some point.
    ◦ Small frying pan
    ◦ Wok or large frying pan (with lid)
    ◦ Saucepans (small, medium and large, all with lids)
    ◦ Small casserole dish
    ◦ Baking trays
    ◦ Mixing bowl
    ◦ Chopping board
    ◦ Knives
    ◦ Scissors
    ◦ Wooden spoons
    ◦ Spatulas
    ◦ Slotted spoon
    ◦ Tin opener
    ◦ Bottle opener
    ◦ Corkscrew
    ◦ Vegetable peeler
    ◦ Cheese grater
    ◦ Potato masher
    ◦ Egg whisk
    ◦ Lemon squeezer
    ◦ Tongs
    ◦ Microwavable bowl
    ◦ Measuring jug
    ◦ Sieve
    ◦ Colander
    ◦ Tupperware (plastic) tubs for storing left overs.

    These will be indispensable because they let you cook larger meals and store some for another day. Write your name on the lids and the tubs to prevent them going missing or getting mixed up in the fridge.

    Getting hold of cheap kitchen equipment
    Start by asking your mum if she has any stuff she doesn’t want anymore. This could work two ways:
    ◦ She gives you decent stuff she already has.
    ◦ She will buy you stuff she already has but thinks is “too good” to give to you.
    ◦ Don’t be afraid to go a little out of the way to factory shops.
    ◦ Make a Facebook page.

    Store cupboard
    It’s useful to keep certain items handy at all times, because they’re used in many different types of recipes. With these basic ingredients, you can pretty much knock something up any time you are hungry.
    ◦ Oil (vegetable, olive, sunflower etc)
    ◦ Herbs & spices: garlic, basil, parsley, oregano, chilli, paprika, cumin, coriander, turmeric etc. Get more if you cook more. Dried is fine. Pesto is handy.
    ◦ Salt and pepper
    ◦ Flour (plain and bread flour)
    ◦ Yeast
    ◦ Sugar
    ◦ Pasta (spaghetti is by far the cheapest type of pasta)
    ◦ Potatoes
    ◦ Rice (the bigger the bag, the cheaper)
    ◦ Tins of beans, tomatoes, more beans, spaghettis
    ◦ Cheese of some variety
    ◦ Tomato Sauce
    ◦ Long Life milk. Yes, it is URGH to some, but when you wake up with sandpaper throat from last night’s beer fest and you have no fresh milk in the fridge, you will be grateful for that handy carton of UHT milk in the cupboard for your soothing tea.

    Basic food
    ◦ Pasta
    ◦ Jacket Potatoes
    ◦ Omelette
    ◦ Toasties
    ◦ Anything on toast

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