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Varsity Living and BBBEE:

The New BBBEE score that is now required is that South African companies must adhere to making a portion of socio-economic contributions.


It is on this basis that Varsity Living believes that influences by South African companies in assisting with the education of BBBEE students would not only be a morally worthwhile cause in enhancing and enabling the studies of BBBEE students, but would also be a strategical business move to benefit corporations who must adhere to the strict BBBEE requirements.


The number of day to day expenses that universities face on top of study fees/student loans is for many an insurmountable amount. Therefore, Varsity Living would like to attempt to act as an effective channel for South African companies to contribute in this regard, from as little as stationary to as much as tuition. We refer to these companies as ‘Value Adding SEC.’ Through the Varsity Living Socio-Economic Bill Board, we are seeking to establish an effective interfacing platform between BBBEE students, requiring financial assistance, and ‘Value Adding SEC’ that wish to direct their socio-economic contributions to this segment of  BBBEE community.


While Varsity Living cannot guarantee that persons posting to the Varsity Living Socio-Economic Bill Board will ultimately receive funding, what we can guarantee is that all future participants in ‘Value Adding SEC’ will then have full access to our Bill Board. This means that they can get in direct contact with you.


Socio-Economic Bill Board Registration:

In order to upload your application to the Varsity Living Socio-Economic Bill Board please apply here:


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