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Welcome to Varsity Living. By using the Varsity Living site, you confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use, and agree to follow our VL Rules and Guidelines. At Varsity Living we encourage open discussion and active debate, but have the following rules to ensure that users respect one another and only post content that is appropriate and complies with our Terms and Conditions of Use.


For the Student Hub:

Always Treat Fellow Users with Respect

    1. Respect the opinions of others and their privacy. Don’t post personal details of others without their explicit consent and don’t post personal email addresses, home addresses or other personal information on the public forums.


    1. Be friendly to other members.


    1. Don’t insult people, don’t patronise or belittle them, don’t make personal attacks.


    1. Do not express discriminatory or otherwise offensive views. You know the kind of thing – there’s no place for racism, religious hatred, sexism or homophobia here. We recognise that discussion of certain social and political issues may legitimately require the use of sensitive or potentially offensive terms, but outside of those limited contexts the use of such terms is not allowed on this site.


    1. We have a ‘swear filter’ on the site, that censors a small list of words considered to be inappropriate. If you try really hard you can get around it: please don’t. You can self-censor if you wish, in which case the entire word must be starred out. For example, “s*it” or “s***” would not be acceptable), but otherwise, just type out all words in full and the filter will replace any censored words with asterisks. Please do not use swear words or post images or other media that include unfiltered swearing, and no links to any content that includes significant unfiltered swearing.


Make Sure the Content You Add is Appropriate for all Members

  1. Do not post or link to adult content, which would include sexually explicit images or text and graphic/violent images or video clips. Please remember that Varsity Living isn’t the place for sex chat or tips.


  1. Be friendly to other members. There’s no need to be hostile and aggressive just because you disagree with someone.


  1. Text speak (eg, “b4”, “l8r”) is gobbledegook for many people, so please don’t use it on VL. Please also avoid posting in a foreign language unless you also provide a translation.


  1. Do not post ‘spoilers’, such as what happens at the end of The Sixth Sense, without using ‘spoiler’ to obscure the content of your post.


Keep all your Posts Relevant and Constructive.

  1. You can help keep the conversation flowing by posting in the correct forum, keeping to the topic of the thread and adding constructive posts.


  1. Sometimes people want to ‘bump’ a thread (ie, post in it again so it returns to the top of the chronological thread list). That’s fine once, if your thread hasn’t had a response after a significant amount of time. But please don’t bump a thread multiple times or without allowing appropriate time for others to read the thread and reply.


  1. Do not post the same content multiple times, within either a single or multiple threads.


  1. Please check before posting that the thread is still current. If you’re adding to a thread that’s been dormant for more than six months, you’re probably better off starting a new thread instead.


No Cheating!

VL is not here to help anyone gain an unfair advantage over others in interviews, academic work or similar.

  1. Some exams or interviews are taken in different locations and at different times. Do not use Varsity Living to post discussions of exams or interviews where this is the case. Varsity Living will not tolerate such cheating.


No Spammers!

That means no advertising or other promotional activity.

  1. If you post a link, please make sure it’s useful. This isn’t the place for general promotional activity, so please avoid posting about both commercial and non-commercial products/services, job adverts, Facebook groups, societies and forums other than those that may be of specific interest to varsity students (unless you’re linking to a specific, relevant thread from another Varsity Living student hub forum).


  1. Don’t post referral links, codes or similar, which offer a benefit to you when another person uses the link/code to make use of a service without the express written permission of Varsity Living.


  1. Do not use Varsity Living for political motivations or campaign for votes or similar on the Varsity Living site


Do Not use Varsity Living to Assist with, Condone or Advocate Illegal Activity.

  1. Examples of illegal topics would include discussion of joining terrorist groups or being involved in terrorist activity, copyright infringement (including torrents and unauthorised streams of copyrighted material), fake IDs and drugs that are either banned or (where not in a prescribed context) prescription-only.


  1. Varsity Living is a South African based site, so the laws of South Africa are our guideline for determining illegality, although laws from other countries will be considered if appropriate to the context of the relevant post.


  1. The Terms and Conditions of Use of the site specifically prohibit certain user- generated content and conduct. The attention of users is drawn to the Legal Notice, which states that the Terms and Conditions of Use apply to all users of the site. Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use carefully before using the site.

Do not misuse secondary/duplicate accounts.

  1. You are not permitted to create and operate multiple accounts on Varsity Living.


  1. If you have an account banned, you may not use another account to post on the site.


  1. Do not use another account to impersonate other members.


  1. Do not use another account to abuse the reputation system, eg, by attempting to get around the usual restrictions on the frequency of leaving reputation/post ratings.




  1. Varsity Living has the right to edit, delete or move any material that is posted on the site. For example we might edit or remove posts, or close individual threads if you are using Varsity Living in an inappropriate or unacceptable manner, including through breaking any of the forum rules. Varsity Living may also restrict, suspend or terminate your membership, either by banning you from part or all of the site.


  1. If you break any of the rules, a reminder or warning may be issued to you by a VL moderator.


  1. An immediate permanent ban may also be applied in response to very severe rule-breaking, unauthorised commercial advertising or the misuse of duplicate accounts.


  1. We spend a lot of time trying to make VL Rules and Guidelines fair and we are always happy to discuss any questions you may have about any moderation action taken towards you.


For the student marketplace:

  1. Although everyone on the site is a student, remember that not everyone is safe to meet. Varsity Living recommends that you meet somewhere public to exchange goods or services, like on varsity campus.


  1. Always tell a friend if you are going to meet someone.


  1. Do not share personal details with buyers or sellers.


  1. Varsity Living cannot guarantee the truth or accuracy of the content posted. It is up to you as the buyer to satisfy yourself as to the quality of the goods and services before transacting with a seller.


  1. It is your responsibility as a user of the site to satisfy yourself that the seller has the right to sell the goods or services and that the buyer has the ability to pay for the goods or services.


  1. Varsity Living recommends that sellers ask to be paid in cash for the goods or services, so as to avoid being scammed.


  1. The sellers are free to choose with whom they transact and Varsity Living cannot ensure that a seller or buyer will execute a transaction.


Application of Terms and Conditions of Use and VL Rules and Guideline


The Terms & Conditions of Use together with the VL Rules and Guidelines set out above constitute the understanding between you and VL Holdings as to your use of the Varsity Living site, and supersede all prior agreements and understandings.



Please note: Varsity Living is an independant website and does not represent the views any of the Universities listed