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How to Navigate the University Years for Medicine in South Africa
Introduction Building on the groundwork laid out in our previous article, which was about guiding aspiring medical professionals from Grade 9 to university admission, this article...
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How to Become a Doctor in South Africa: From Grade 9 Subject Choices to Registration
The beauty of it all The Dream of Becoming A Doctor in South Africa Picture it. The coat with your name on it, the stethoscope around your neck, being able to select ‘Dr’...
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How to Become a Psychologist in South Africa
As time goes on, society is becoming more aware of their mental health. Resources that allow people to take care of themselves mentally are also becoming more common and more valuable....
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How to Get An Honours Degree in Psychology
The path to becoming a psychologist is quite the extensive one, one that requires a lot of dedication. Three years for Bachelor’s, one for Honours (or four for the BPsych), and...
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Before You choose your Grade 10 subjects
So you’re almost done with Grade 9? The final year where all of your subjects are broad and general. It’s been interesting so far, but for your Grade 10 year, your subjects are about...
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